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First attempt at blogging…..ever



First of all welcome to my blog!! You’ve probably ended up here by accident but on the off chance you haven’t, or like me quite like the idea of fate, Hello! Thank you for making it this far and I hope you enjoy your time here x

I’m Georgina and I’m a 19-year-old Uni student from a little Island called Guernsey. This is my first ever venture into the blogosphere, which is terrifying a little scary, I’m not the best writer and I tend to ramble a lot in real life but I promise everything comes from the heart and I’m incredibly honored if anyone has even made it with me to this stage.
**From the homepage** – Chronically Scrumptious is hopefully going to be all about learning and exploring how I  can do something, however small, to help myself (and others) thrive and feel healthier by focusing on what I can actually control and finding peace with what I cannot – 

Back in 2016, I was given the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It was very much a bittersweet moment which might sound crazy but after a few years of bouncing around between doctors and specialists, I finally had something to focus on and get to grips with – even if that something was the mysteriously vague and elusive concept of ‘CFS’. The following year after diagnosis was one of the darkest in my life, full of confusion and personal struggle, I found it very hard to find any form of hope or advice I could relate to. With the help and love of friends and family, I began my own personal mission to discover and learn ways I could positively help myself and make peace with what I could not. My mission led me to three main areas of focus, food, movement and mind –  a new approach to my life with a plant/whole foods diet, yoga and meditation at the center. 

This syndrome has had a fairly dramatic effect on my life both mentally and physically and I now want desperately to create something I wish I had at the start of my journey. I see this as becoming a collection of things I have found effective and life-enhancing (even for people without an illness as my family can vouch for!) and if it can help anyone else going through something or looking for a change, that would be extra fabulous.

I’m not a medical professional or health worker in any form, what I am is a person on a mission to do whatever I can to help myself and live a full and healthy life (that just so happens to come with CFS installed). As well as these personal life changes I am in regular contact with an amazing GP I trust. I strongly encourage anyone who thinks they might be suffering from CFS to get in touch with a trusted doctor/Health Care Professional as soon as possible :

If anyone has stumbled upon this small, obscure blog I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for visiting x



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