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Your Energy and Time are priceless….(positive ways to spend and value your energy and the cupcake theory)

Your energy and time are so precious and should be used wisely, positively and intentionally


Over the past year if there is one thing I have learned it is that unwell or well, your time and energy is undeniably precious. Plainly each and every one of us only has a finite amount of time but it’s so easy to waste and squander on things that only drain us and add nothing positive or worthwhile to our life; Some key culprits being…

1. socializing with people who drain you/you don’t connect with/or are plain toxic              2.  worrying and thinking about things we ultimately have no or very little control over


My Cupcake Theory…..

I like to think of our time/energy as a very personal and unique pile of Red Velvet Cupcakes (RVC) we are gifted with at birth.


If you get ill or have conditions like CFS/ME, there are further restrictions on how many you are allowed to dish out each day. Most of the cupcakes also tend to already have bites taken out of them or are lacking in the icing department but neither the less delicious and worthy of armored respect. (because a cake is still a cake at the end of the day).

It is what we choose to do with our own RVCs that define our experience. For example, you wouldn’t throw your best RVC at a film that bores you senseless or a person who makes you feel a bit shitty (unless of course, it was a very direct hit to the face because that sounds beautiful). Becoming more aware and attuned to our own RVC expenditure is something I feel is a key component to a person’s overall health journey – really assessing and reflecting on how you are dishing out your time is sacrosanct;

saving those most delicious RVCs for a cup of coffee with a good friend or a yoga session before work could be the start of a more reflective and happy life experience overall.


Some Suggestions of Fabulous Things to Invest Your Energy in…

  1. A Yoga session – This could be as fancy as a real-life instructed class (human interaction required) or as simple as following along to a yoga session on youtube, (optionally hermit friendly or grab a friend to join you)! My personal favorite yogi youtuber is Boho Beautiful – – The beauty of yoga being that you can make it as chilled or intense as you like.
  2. A Cup of tea and a good book
  3. Any time spent with your favorite people – grabbing a coffee or sitting in the warm glow of a joint Netflix binge, quality time spent with people you genuinely like is always good for the soul.
  4. A Walk – Anytime, Anywhere, Any distance or speed and Anyway – moving your body and changing your scenery can work wonders.
  5. Meditation

If anyone has any other ideas of things that are worth saving energy for I would love to hear them

Lots of Love, G x

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